It is all about…YOU I have been posting on Instagram recently about choices and accountability and wish to share these thoughts with you as come this time of year we can so easily become just so BUSY and we often put our selves at the bottom of the list. I used to ask myself why I did this, always rushing around, trying to fit too much in or pleasing everyone else. I now challenge myself to be accountable. I no longer feel guilty about handing dinner over to my partner why I go to the gym. Or block out a busy time on my schedule to sit down to do admin or even just have a hot coffee. I can proudly say I am getting better about making the right choices, for me. Is it selfish? Maybe. Though I ask, if I don’t make this time in my life for what I value, then is it not giving a little piece of myself away each time? I become obsessed with justifying and burn the candle at both ends. What next, I become tired, anxious and sick? SO I ask, is that not selfish of others to ask I give them so much of me? I could provide you a number of examples of how we constantly do this to ourselves or I can discuss some ideas on how to reduce the frequency of this happening instead. You will need a pen, paper and at least 5 minutes… What is important to you? Right now, in your life. The top 3-5 things you are grateful for? Identify the values associated with these. Now ask, does ‘choice’ align with my values? a. Yes = positive choice b. NO = rethink this choice Being mindful of what choices I make, knowing what values…
Sunday, 02 September 2018 09:00

We are now a fully Registered NDIS provider

The National Disability Insurnace Scheme (NDIS) offers government support for people with disability, their families and carers. South Coast Physiotherpy is now fully registered with NDIS allowing us to provide physiotherapy services to those eligible.
After working between Pinnacle Physiotherapy in Mornington and here at South Coast for the last 4 years James has now joined us full time. It is definitely a case of Mornignton’s loss and our gain to have a Physiotherapist of James’ experience to join us on a full time basis. James has over 10 years experience in private practice and has been working on the Peninusla since 2009. On top of seeing his patients in the clinic he has provided sports physio to different Peninsula teams and athletes as well as develop a full understanding of the workcover and TAC systems ensuring patients get back to their work and recreational activities. James will be availble on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be working an evening shift every Monday.
Sunday, 13 August 2017 10:37

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