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Telehealth is a remote video consultation where you are able to have a one on one physiotherapy consult. From these consultations the physiotherapist will be able to diagnose your complaint through a full subjective assessment as well as carrying out objective tests tailored for remote assessments. They will be able to refer the patient for any necessary investigations such as x-rays or scans if required. Once they have a diagnosis they will be able to advise on what activities are safe and which ones to avoid and give a prognosis on the timeframes and outcomes of the complaint. They will also implement the necessary exercise management plan with the help of videos where necessary and if required onward referrals to medical practitioners and specialists will be made.

The cost of a Telehealth appointment is less than that of a face to face consultation at the clinic.

Following each appointment the physiotherapist will send through an email with all the content from the consultation including videos or photos of the exercises that were prescribed.

Frequently asked questions:

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Back Pain

In Australia back pain is experienced by 70% of the population at some point in their lives. Back pain can arise from many different sources but the majority of pain is from the lower back known as the lumbar spine. This portion of your back experiences the most load during daily activities and as a result the facet joints, discs and ligaments associated with this area can be vulnerable to injury.

Our Physiotherapists are able to assess and diagnose which structures are causing the pain and give you the appropriate treatment and advice, both in the short term and for ongoing long term management.

During the assessment our Physiotherapists will be able to test for any more serious injury and are able to make the necessary onward referrals to medical professionals or referrals for investigations such as scans or x-rays.

Sports Injuries

The initial management of a sporting injury is vital in avoiding serious long term injury and achieving a speedy return to sport. Whether it is a sprained ankle, a hamstring tear or a torn knee ligament early intervention is essential.

Quite often sporting injuries do involve damage to weight bearing joints, in particular ankles and knees. Any joint swelling associated to an injury generally suggests there has been some structural damage and at this stage it is important to avoid any heat, alcohol, running and massage for the first 48 hrs. This can be easily remembered through the acronym H.A.R.M (heat, alcohol, running, massage).

Our Physiotherapists all have experience working with sporting teams in various sporting fields. This allows them not only to diagnose and treat the injury but also manage the patient back to their sport and ensure they have the knowledge to know how to minimize the risk of future injury.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint and as with back pain there are a number of potential different causes of the pain. From acute episodes such as whiplash injuries to more chronic conditions such as postural related impairments our clinicians offer hands on manual treatments such as tissue manipulation and joint mobilizations as well as exercise therapy to address any postural weaknesses.

Running Assessments

Running Assessment

South Coast Physiotherapy offer a 1 hour running assessment with a sports physiotherapist. This will address any running related injuries and give a full management and training plan in order to make a full return to running.

As well as a full physiotherapy assessment the 1 hour appointment will include a video assessment of your running action. This will highlight any areas of muscle weakness, joint tightness or biomechanical impairment which may be causing injury or impeding performance.

This is a perfect for:

  • Running Injuries
  • Returning to Running
  • Improving Performance
  • Training for a Race

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

At South Coast Physiotherapy we have a good professional association with both the local city based Surgeons. We offer both pre and post surgery rehabilitation for joint replacements, shoulder repairs, knee reconstructions and all other orthopeadic surgery interventions.


Children and adolescents who are sports enthusiasts or who have very active or inactive lifestyles are vulnerable to growth related conditions such as Osgood Schlatters disease which causes knee pain, Severs disease causes heel pain or Scheuermann’s disease which causes spinal pain. At South Coast Physiotherapy our Physiotherapists are able to diagnose and manage growth related, postural and over use injuries younger patients experience and give the appropriate treatments and return to sport programmes. We are also able to refer for x-rays or scans where appropriate and onto medical practitioners if prompt medical intervention is required.

Osteoarthritis (OA)

OA is the wearing down of the articular surfaces of our joints and is commonly experienced in the weight bearing joints such as the hips, knees and ankles. These arthritic changes are natural and unfortunately in most cases irreversible. They can lead to joint stiffness and discomfort and can ultimately restrict daily activities. Although these changes are mostly irreversible we are able to offer treatments, exercises and education on how to minimize any deterioration and reduce the pain while maximizing activity. Research has shown that maintaining good muscle strength and good joint mobility reduces the effects of OA.

Clinical Pilates & Personal Training

Clinical Pilates and Personal Training are great ways of reconditioning your body post injury in a supervised setting with qualified instructors. Regular functional strengthening has been shown to help reduce chronic symptoms such as low back pain. At South Coast Physiotherapy our clinicians are able to recommend and work closely with local pilates instructors and personal trainers who, although being independent to the clinic, keep regular correspondence with your treating clinician.

Work Cover & TAC

We see both work cover and TAC injuries. Our Physiotherapists communicate and work closely with the case managers, insurance companies and all other health professionals associated with the claim to ensure the patient has a full rehabilitation and a suitable return to work programme.


South Coast Physiotherapy is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is able to provide services to eligible participants. These services include Physiotherapy assessment and treatment and staff training.

Our clinic is also registered to assist in the provision of assistive technology for NDIS participants such as mobility aids, transfer devices and exercise equipment.

Health Insurance & Bupa

At South Coast Physiotherapy most, if not all, of our services are claimable on your health insurance. Our physiotherapists are preferred providers for Bupa Health Insurance meaning all bupa insured pateints are entitled to reduced treatment prices. Of course not all health funds are the same so we would recommend that you find out how much you are able to claim through your particular health fund.