Telehealth is a remote video consultation where you are able to have a one on one physiotherapy consult. From these consultations the physiotherapist will be able to diagnose your complaint through a full subjective assessment as well as carrying out objective tests tailored for remote assessments. They will be able to refer the patient for any necessary investigations such as x-rays or scans if required. Once they have a diagnosis they will be able to advise on what activities are safe and which ones to avoid and give a prognosis on the timeframes and outcomes of the complaint. They will also implement the necessary exercise management plan with the help of videos where necessary and if required onward referrals to medical practitioners and specialists will be made.

The cost of a Telehealth appointment is less than that of a face to face consultation at the clinic.

Following each appointment the physiotherapist will send through an email with all the content from the consultation including videos or photos of the exercises that were prescribed.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I book my appointment?

Bookings can be made either online or through reception.

Once your booking is made you will be contacted the day before your appointment and run through the process of how the video consult will run.

Is my injury suitable for Telehealth?

Most injuries are suitable. If yours is not you will not be charged for the consultation and we will be able to arranged a face to face consult if possible.

We will contact you the day before the consult and should be able to determine as to whether your symptoms are suitable.

How will my physio diagnose my injury with Telehealth?

The video link enables physiotherapists to undertake a full subjective assessment from which an experienced therapist will be able recognise patterns of injuries or diseases. The physiotherapist will also be able to carry out a number of objective tests from which a diagnosis can be made.

If needed we can also refer on for any investigations such as x-rays or scans or other health or medical professionals as needed.

How can my physio treat my injury with Telehealth?

For an acute injury education on what activities to avoid and how to protect and manage the injured area are the recommended treatment options and these can be carried through a video link.

Ongoing management can also be administered remotely in the form of progressive exercises and controlled return to previous activities.

The physiotherapist will also send through detailed emails of all the content covered in the video consult.

There are times however when a face to face consultation is required and we will do our best to make this happen when needed.

How do I pay for my consult?

The receptionist will contact you after the consult and either arranged a payment over the phone or send through an invoice.