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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 08:28

Coastrek 2019

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We are excited to be providing physiotherapy cover for Coastrek 2019. This is a great annual event where participants trek across some of best coastal areas the Peninsula has to offer while raising thousands of dollars for the Fred Hollows Foundation

To all you Trekkers about to take part in this grueling but equally rewarding event we have listed some tips on managing, and hopefully avoiding, common trekking injuries.


Blisters are always a common complaint for any long distance walk and the key management protocol is to minimize friction and moisture. We would recommend to take a few spare sets of socks and change them regularly, particularly if you have stepped in a puddle or the incoming tide.

We will be providing physiotherapy stations along the course and will be able to do blister taping where necessary.


The best way to reduce risk of soft tissue injuries is completing a full training schedule specific to the tasks you will be undertaking in the lead up to the event. Obviously at this stage all Trekkers will have already completed their training and be fully conditioned and ready for the walk ahead. However no matter how much preparation you have done injuries still occur. What we frequently see at these events is with the excitement and adrenaline of the occasion Trekkers set off at too fast a pace making them vulnerable to blowing up or even injury. So make sure you have a strategy to ensure that you have a set pace and are able to stick to it.

Researching the Route

Being a coastal trek the course does include stretches of sand as well some climbs and descents. Knowing at what stage of the trek these harder sections will pop up will reduce the effect they have on your overall rhythm. Trying to maintain a rhythm is important for any endurance event.

Supporting your team members

Mental fatigue is common in endurance events and whether you are doing the 30km or the 60km trek you are going to be walking for a number of hours. Make sure you stick with your team members, tell jokes, sing songs and help each other get to the finish line.

Finally, remember to enjoy the event, you have all raised masses of money for a brilliant charity.

Any last minute injury fears please contact the clinic and we’ll do our best to get you to the start line.

Good luck Trekkers….

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James Gasper

Physiotherapist & Director

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