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Tuesday, 05 February 2019 20:27

Is Running Safe for my Knees?

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For a long time running has been associated with increased risks of degenerative hip and knee injuries, in particular Osteoarthritis (OA). This association has been so ingrained into public and professional perception that health practitioners have gone as far as advising people to avoid running in a bid to reduce the risks of OA changes.

However these beliefs have been recently questioned when researchers compared a sedentary group of non runners with a group of recreational runners and found that the non runners suffered significantly more OA changes than the running group.

It is important to note that these studies were carried out on healthy subjects with no pre existing knee injuries and also that when they looked into elite runners they found increased risks of OA changes.

As health professionals these findings allow us to reassure patients that they can take advantage of the multiple health benefits of running and have less risk of OA than if they were sitting on the couch.

Even if there are preexisting injuries to the knees we can get people back running with a suitable rehabilitation regime and a gradual return to running program.

With our new running software at South Coast Physiotherapy we are now in the perfect position to offer assessments and programs to get people back running. Give the clinic a call and take advantage of all the benefits that getting back to running can offer.

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