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It is all about…YOU

I have been posting on Instagram recently about choices and accountability and wish to share these thoughts with you as come this time of year we can so easily become just so BUSY and we often put our selves at the bottom of the list.

I used to ask myself why I did this, always rushing around, trying to fit too much in or pleasing everyone else. I now challenge myself to be accountable. I no longer feel guilty about handing dinner over to my partner why I go to the gym. Or block out a busy time on my schedule to sit down to do admin or even just have a hot coffee. I can proudly say I am getting better about making the right choices, for me.

Is it selfish? Maybe. Though I ask, if I don’t make this time in my life for what I value, then is it not giving a little piece of myself away each time? I become obsessed with justifying and burn the candle at both ends. What next, I become tired, anxious and sick? SO I ask, is that not selfish of others to ask I give them so much of me?

I could provide you a number of examples of how we constantly do this to ourselves or I can discuss some ideas on how to reduce the frequency of this happening instead.

You will need a pen, paper and at least 5 minutes…

  1. What is important to you? Right now, in your life. The top 3-5 things you are grateful for?
  2. Identify the values associated with these.
  3. Now ask, does ‘choice’ align with my values?
    a. Yes = positive choice
    b. NO = rethink this choice

Being mindful of what choices I make, knowing what values are core and what values are more flexible as mindfully prioritising is essential.

Life is about balance. Progress not perfection. Making choices to ensure this balance and that you are working on progressing towards becoming a better version of yourself.

If you don’t plan on taking 5 minutes to identify your values and to work at aligning these with your choices, think about this …

Will that extra biscuit help you achieve your weight or blood glucose goals? Will staying up for one more episode on Netflix help you tomorrow in that meeting? Will not making lunch the night before so that you have to buy it the next day help you save towards that next holiday? Will not doing my exercises help me reduce my back pain?

If your choices are not helping you, you are choosing pain, choosing broke, choosing fatigue and chaos, choosing chronic disease and you are choosing to come second best.

Now, what do you want to choose, for the best version of you?

My next piece due in Feb, will carry on from this and discuss ways to make sure your 2019 goals not only align with your values, but are also SMART.

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